Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

The smile of Kostenki

I can imagine, that many want to see our european ancestor of Kostenki, as now genetically explored, as blond with pale skin. But I’m quite sure, that this 36000 year old young man morphologically still belonged to that wave, whose echo we can perceive in the Orang asli of South- east Asia. Therefore my quick sketching of this siberian man looks like this:

Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

Blind is the origin

is there a connection between Olympia and imperialism?

watch this:

1. otvp 93_081, Blind ist der Ursprung

14 works about the Olympia-film of Leni Riefenstahl: "Fest der Völker"

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Dienstag, 10. Dezember 2013

Der rechte Fleck

new publication:
Der rechte Fleck, Experiences between art and genetics
page 215 - 228

Freitag, 25. Oktober 2013

Following the own long distance mtdna branch

You need patience to focus on your own mtdna lineage, because mutations don't happen often. But it is a bit like staring on new fotos - all people are looking for themselves and I'm no exception.
For more than two years there had been no news about my haplogroup K1b2a and Mannis van Oven, the master of phylotree, mailed me in october 2011: "You are a very close match with GenBank accession EU621708, which is in K1b2a and also has 12188C". The last release of phylotree (built 15 in sept 2012) went by and there were no further samples with my mutation, so new subclades like K1b2a2 were given to others. As an artist you are always a bit ahead of your time and I regarded myself as K1b2a3, although it wasn't confirmed.
But today I found in the supplementary files of the new publication of Marta Costa both my private mutation 12188C and the confirmation of my subclade guessing.

Freitag, 12. Juli 2013

Snowdon idol

The first cities cultures that made necessary an administrative apparatus of many thousand heads derived in Mesopotamia and caused a first construction boom, a very effective war machine, a complex canalisation- and distribution sytem and a busy temple life. For the first time in history, individuals were confrontated with an impenetrable and nontransparent social structure. In the times before when it was a matter of placing a new construction project of limited time duration in rural or nomadic communities, the individual could have the certainty that all his coworkers put down the ax in the evening together with him. When he is going to bed, all others sleep as well.
This changes in the new cities Ur and Uruk and all follower cities and is no longer valuable. Individuals lose track. When he falls on his mat in exhaustion, business keeps going on in undiminished strength. No one can any longer know to full extent what is being built elsewhere, which new projects are starting and above all - who knows nothing, can not join any decision.
A new layer of leaders have arosen on top of the community with a scaring military force, a caste of priests and a staff of employees, who meticulously record every brick and every grain of wheat. They all demand respect and obedience, evident in the now valid gods Marduk, Ishtar and all others. This respect, one single person cannot any longer bring up in one day, in a year or a whole life.
And thus, on this globe the first mass production of small clay figurines arose, that populated as thousands of avatars the private house altars and public temple areas. The later history of art will once call them IDOLS. They consist of nothing more than a simple cylindrical body and instead of a complete head a gigantic pair of eyes. Tall like a finger or a hand they show not only just individual characters, but priests and couples and even entire families. Some are wearing hats to demonstrate their profession or background.
With this avatars, the Sumerian people have doubled themselves in a new meta-level, and these dummies representing their owners with their huge eyes opened permanently, which should on one hand pay respect to the gods and also to register everything new in the community around the clock.

From these very beginnings both leaders and followers have the same interest in as much information as possible about the whole community and all the attempts to get informed cannot be regarded as a crime.

Edward Snowdon has my full respect. All what he did is to act as an avatar, as an IDOL to gain a bit of information, we all are depending on for a democratic harmony.

Montag, 8. Juli 2013

Recipe for a bread of wild barley

since it is too complicated to formulate in english, I published a recipe for a selfbaken bread in German. Please translate!

since in several blogentries the new findings about the cultivation of wild barley between 12000 and 9800 in South Iran and the fertile halfmoon have been confirmed, I think, it is time honour this wheat in another way!