Freitag, 13. April 2012

Hunter/gatherer versus farmer

A visual approach to BGA comparisons

It is really fun to follow the developments in Eurogenes and Dodecad from the first attempts at deCODEme, but it is somewhat confusing to always look at numbers and ciphers and to handle each time a different color sytem. I would appreciate to have diagrams, which are selfexplicable without the need to translate them from proportions to columns to pies.

This is a first approach to go for a unified color system, playing around with a K12 series of hunter/gatherers versus farmerset.

The 12 components, shown here as named by David W. are free to download at:

for those, who want to play with these pics, building their own diagrams. Two add-ons, drawn at eastern in the Eifel:

I will go for other series, do some references and will try to work out a color sytem!
The basic pic is named "musterpic.jpg", containing the scale. One can insert all the necessary pics. Best is the "multiply-option in photoshop".