Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

Professor Koebke and the old man of La Chapelle

I sadly have to announce, that Professor Juergen Koebke, former director of the anatomic institute of Cologne, was found yesterday suicided in the south of Cologne, obviously no longer bearing unfair accusations against him and his responsability. Last week it became public, that up to 80 corpses in his institute have not been buried as usual. It was the guilt of a staff member with a lot of private problems. Since Koebke was known as extremely human, he did not want to destroy that member, but it came to an official warning, signed with the designated next professor (who is not reachable anymore).

In 2005 we both organized an exhibition in the big lounge of the anatomic institute and buying the above painting he even enabled the printing of the invitation cards. He was highly educated and interested, was repeatedly in the list of top three beloved teachers and was so generous, that he gave me free access to all parts of a huge collection. For the course of three weeks I was able to have all the original sculls and repliquas in hands to draw them.

This is a real tragedy!

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