Freitag, 30. März 2012

Longlin 1 again!

The first version of the Longlin 1 skull was still made under the assumption, that this could be part of a new species. But meanwhile I am rather convinced, that he is quite in the middle of a normal range of east asian people.

On a blogsite I found this picture, supporting my estimation:

in another blog Maju commented:
     " I think that the nose of both Longlin and Mai Da Nuoc have remarkably small triangular nasal holes and neither have the "bridge" of the nose (nasal bone) too prominent. They could well have noses similar to those of modern East Asians: rather flat and small but actually most modern Mongoloids have broader nose holes and these are remarkably small and triangular. I've tried to find comparisons but no luck but they must have got very small noses, probably narrow, as well as very strongly marked cheeks. "
As I offered open to correct me in my partly exeggerated approaches of selfmade reconstructions I made a second version of Longlin 1.

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