Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

A bellybutton in Helsinki

a nice opportunity to mention:

Björn Otto, a German pole vaulter, today grasped for the EM title in Helsinski and at the end won silver. He belonged to those people, whose bellybutton I faced in a series of more than 500 drawings, called "MyBelly is the middle of the web" (2000 - 2002 at My vision was the simulation of a social network, reaching far back in time and connecting people via their real relationships, represented through their navel. This series was preceding and both awakening my genetic interest, functioning exactly like a mitochondrial phylotree. Drawings were kept anonymous, only the dates of birth and drawings are listed plus the title "My bellybutton" in native tongue. Here I show two, who went public with the works themselves.

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