Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

Re-Reconstruction of Longlin and Tam Pa Ling

When I did the first version of that Longlin woman, my main intention was to bring her into the normal range of an asian woman, since some people wanted to place her as an example of a new old species. As she is only about 13000 years old, the asiatic version could be true, but another also, presenting her as Orang Asli like here.

Redrawing the Tam pa ling woman, which P. Demeter baptized "Jaqueline", should correct the first attempt, which came out too masculine and with a definite hair error, made me putting both in the phenotype range of the Orang Asli women, as we can find them even today in Laos, the Phillipines and other South East Asia countries.

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