Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

The smile of Kostenki

I can imagine, that many want to see our european ancestor of Kostenki, as now genetically explored, as blond with pale skin. But I’m quite sure, that this 36000 year old young man morphologically still belonged to that wave, whose echo we can perceive in the Orang asli of South- east Asia. Therefore my quick sketching of this siberian man looks like this:

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  1. This reconstruction is biased towards non-European types, which does not correspond to genetics. What you believe is not what the authors of the study have said, they have been said to be morphologically "Caucasian", the reconstruction of the shape and contour of the mouth does not correspond to the Caucasian or even Asian phenotype, it is Distinct from African peoples. And the hair is short and curly like that of the Bushmen and other tropical populations, it has nothing to do with the Caucasian form since it is long straight as that of the Asians.

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